30 Best & Fun Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

You’ve not been to Hurricane Utah if you do not know the best things to do in this city. What’s better than having to partake in the pleasures of this exhilarating site?

You see, there have been frequent reviews from tourists and visitors worldwide about how beautiful an experience you can have in Hurricane Utah.

Hence, we have collated this comprehensive list as a guide to all the amazing pleasures you can have while on this vacation at Hurricane Utah.

Hurricane, Utah is located in the south/west corner of Utah and is surrounded by Saint George to the east and Zion National Park to the west.

This city is perfect for vacations, adventure trips, outdoor relaxation, and fun recreational activities.
Hurricane Utah offers an amazing blend of things to see and do, from the Rattlin’D Playhouse to the vibrant Sand Hollow State Park.

It is home to many nature parks and reserves with a wide variety of wildlife and easy access to beaches, games, food centers, and entertainment centers for young and old.

In addition, you can also go down to Skydive Zion and see some pristine ocean shores, as well as check out hotels near Zion.

Home to beautiful casinos and a never-ending stream of adrenaline bumpers, the small desert town is full of things to do that won’t leave you wanting more.

These experiences take you behind the scenes of some of Utah’s awesome attractions and can help you explore nature’s pleasures without risking your life or property.

Here are some of the breathtaking fun things to do in Hurricane, Utah, this weekend, from historic to remote.

Fun Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

1. Fall Freely at the Skydive Zion

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Enjoy a unique taste of a different new experience at Skydive Zion, the perfect destination for skydivers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This area is an enormous space for skydiving and other activities, such as plane tours and many others, making it one of the many beautiful things to do in Hurricane, Utah, that you must not miss.

While you are here, ensure to enjoy the aerial view of the city as you leap off a plane for the first time and experience the adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving.

The center has existed since 2000, providing premium diving services and ensuring the safety of visitors and those interested in Skydive Zion.

In addition, the facility has maintained a clean record since its inception, with no fatalities recorded during its operations, so fulfill your long-time dreams of flying with Skydive Zion.

2. Get Cycling at the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Look out for uniquely colored limestone whenever you are in the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System, which offers panoramic views of the entire area.

Located just 36 miles from downtown, the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System consists of rocky trails and neat, smooth terrain.

Visitors can jump up the mountains on bikes, enjoy a fun ride on the hurricane cliff trails, and see the beautiful mountain views.

There are open spaces on the trail for certain special activities, such as the canal trail for hiking, Chinatown washing, and horseback riding, where pedestrian movement is prohibited.

In addition, it has different trails arranged in different difficulty levels, but there is no need to worry because there is something for everyone at Hurricane Cliffs.

3. Let off Steam at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

There are many fun-inspiring things to do in Hurricane, Utah, which is true, but there’s also the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, the center of entertainment.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area represents one of the best places to visit in Hurricane, Utah, offering the most beautiful waterfalls cascading over a dry red rock canyon.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area is a small resort that holds all the charms of Zion with the activities packed in the area.

It offers guests a unique adventure with lots of fun elements, such as a shallow cave where you can look up and find interesting ancient Native American drawings.

You can also cross a dry creek bed with a large niche cut out of the cliff face, and the ridge has several snags that can be unstable for some hikers.

Things to Do in Hurricane Utah at Night

1. See a Movie Show at the Rattlin’ D Playhouse

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

The Rattlin’ D Playhouse is a must-see in Hurricane, Utah, for thrill seekers and a public entertainment destination for family and friends.

At the Rattlin’ D Playhouse, entertaining shows, talented performers, special activities, and delicious food are in store for all guests.

In addition to the great entertainment they bring to the residents of Hurricane Utah, they put on fantastic shows and prepare delicious food to satisfy visitors’ hunger.

You can choose from various meals prepared and served at the Rattlin’ D Playhouse to complement your day.

Plus, round out your day with lots of fun, laughter, and giggles at the Rattlin’ D Playhouse.

2. Get Immersed in Virtual Reality at the Cinema Coral Reefs 8

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Established in 2004, Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 produces fantastic entertainment for the people of Hurricane Utah.

The movie theater has comfortable seats and is well-equipped with all the necessary equipment, making it one of the best things to do in Hurricane, Utah.

You can enjoy your favorite drama series or watch Box Office Combination movies in a favorable environment; the building is easy to get to as the entrance starts at the concession box in another.

Coral Cliffs have a special corner for VIP guests where you can experience pure class in cinema seats and tasty snacks to help you stave off hunger.

In addition, Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 screens the latest movies for visitors to watch with loved ones or just by themselves.

3. Worship at the Church of St. George

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Temple of St. Jiří has ​​served as an important landmark from its foundation to the present with its distinctive majestic white buildings.

Known as the longest-functioning church temple in the world, the center was created in Utah as a joint effort of the United Utah community.

Tour the temple with the help of the LDS and learn more about the historical, cultural, and religious background of St. George.

The Temple of St. George is a wonderful sight, especially in the main temple, the light shines like stars.

In addition, the facility has a history and origin in a certain kind of religion filled with amazing greatness and provides a lot of entertainment for visitors.

Things to Do in Hurricane Utah for Couples

1. Visit Quail Creek State Park

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Quail Creek State Park is denoted by the clear green water it inhabits, making it a serene place for everyone to relax.

The park’s shores are lined by orange, red, and white cliffs, with the mighty Pine Valley Mountains serving as a backdrop.

The resort offers the best in adventure, from kayaking to paddleboarding and other fun activities that can be done without much stress and with less experience.

The park also provides rentals with DIG Paddlesports, or you can bring your water toys when you come with family and friends.

In addition, there are about 24 campsites to explore and sleep under the shining stars, making it the best “vacationist” addition to your “fun things to do in Hurricane, Utah” list.

2. Visit Hurricane Valley Pioneer Heritage Park

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

It’s always fun to visit Hurricane Valley Pioneer Heritage Park for a fantastic slow time after a day of busy activities.

The park contains a large playground maintained monthly by the Hurricane Park Heritage Association to ensure a conducive environment.

The museum archives the city’s important monuments, including artifacts, a historic wedding cake, and period artwork from 1907.

Some of the notable pieces in the museum shop focus primarily on food; a unique piece of bacon from the early 1940s was found in the cellar many years ago and brought to the museum.

In addition, Hurricane Valley Pioneer Heritage Park has wedding cakes in store that are over a century old, making it an exceptional addition to your list of the best things to do in Hurricane, Utah.

3. Get Your Heart Beating Fast at the Southern Utah Adventure Center

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Try fun activities at the Southern Utah Adventure Center, including B. Sand Mountain Mesa UTV and Diving Board Rock Tours.

Experience an exciting time from home at the Southern Utah Adventure Center and discover that this is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Hurricane, Utah.

Southern Utah Adventure Center has unique facilities such as dirt bike parking, jeep rentals, UTVs, and paddle boats.

The unique arrangement allows you to use Southern Utah Adventure Center equipment to start your fun experience in the hurricane valleys, the expanse of water, and mountain trails.

In addition, the center is an important attraction in the city for any visitor and those who want to visit Hurricane, Utah.

Things to Do in Hurrricane Utah for Kids

1. Build Your Imagination at George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

When you are here, one of the memorable things to do in Hurricane Utah is to travel to St. George and enjoy a visit to the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site within the Johnson Farm.

This facility can be enjoyed by everyone, from children to adults, students, and foreign researchers, including geologists.

It was hard work to follow the footprints of the dinosaurs. However, there are passes as well as discovering fossil replicas to help you with fun missions.

Playing a dinosaur puzzle game with friends and loved ones at the St. George Dinosaur Site is an excellent addition to your Hurricane, Utah, fun list!

Additionally, the St. George Dinosaur site at Johnson Farm has several small Activities and spacious rooms where you can enjoy dinosaur spawning and make dinosaur origami.

2. Get all Bouncy at the Sand Hollow State Park

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

A trip to Sand Hollow National Park is a fun adventure with many significant structures to see and do.

Sand Hollow State Park is located in the middle of the Zion Desert, with several water oases nearby, and the center boasts one of the best attractions.

The park is like a crown jewel for the residents of Hurricane, Utah, and offers a little bit of everything called fun, from sitting on the soft, diving into the emerald green waters, relaxing by the orange shores, and much more.

The 20,000-acre park boasts unique features from early-morning kayaking and paddleboarding to Rocky Island cruises during the evening.

Additionally, explore the beach at Sand Hollow Park, where there are wakeboards and water tubes for those interested in diving.

3. Teach Your Kids to Appreciate Nature at the Gunlock State Park

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Many state parks in Hurricane, Utah, have unique features, but Gunlock State Park has incredible views and warm water.

The lake is a perfect hiking destination for everyone and even a place to spend a day in and around the water, where visitors can bring their water toys or borrow them from those on land.

It may be the smallest park among the three state parks around Hurricane, Utah, but it has plenty of room for jet skiing and boating.

There is plenty of fishing activities downtown that can be done near the water, and take advantage of the late evenings and cool mornings as bass are more active at this time.

In addition, you can camp around Gunlock Park, experience the darkest skies, and join in the long tradition of stargazing.

Indoor Activities to Do in Hurricane Utah

1. Blow Some Rounds at Cleaning Clay Sports

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Purgatory Clay Sports comprises features that make it a favorite shooting facility in Hurricane, Utah, to play friendly games.

The center has unique exhibits, such as four voice-controlled trap ranges, two fully automated clay lanes, two skeet ranges, and shooting racks.

There are various levels to choose from; you can start from the difficulty level or the mild stage and another course that offers easy and challenging goals.

It suits everyone; whether you come for a challenge or a workout, there’s room to practice your skills or learn more.

Competitive games are also open for professionals or interested players, where you can participate in tournaments and enjoy fun shooting with prizes attached.

2. Explore the Intricacies of Pioneer Heritage Museum

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Located in Utah’s Hurricane Valley, the Pioneer Heritage Museum is one of the city’s popular attractions.

The Pioneer Heritage Museum archives many documents about the city and educates and enlightens the state’s citizens about past events.

The Pioneer Heritage Museum has many collections of artifacts that can be designated as distinctive and many other old city relics.

Some artifacts can be quirky, and you’ll find a slab of bacon from 1945 leaning against the wall and some preserved fruitcakes from 1907.

There are also historical figures to explore at the Pioneer Heritage Museum, with its well-preserved early 20th-century barns and wagons.

3. Immerse Yourself in all the Beauty in Mercantile Antiques and Consignments

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

For lovers of antiques and vintage items, including Mercantile Antiques and Consignment to your list of memorable things to do in Hurricane, Utah.

The facility has been in business since 1912 and produces quality vintage items such as jewelry, furniture, collectibles, toys, and much more.

All things antique and vintage can be found in the approximately 4,000-square-foot store of various antiques and special consignment items.

At Mercantile Antiques and Consignment, many exciting materials can be purchased at an affordable price, making it the town’s treasury.

In addition, Mercantile Antiques and Consignment is open to anyone to visit and purchase acceptable items; also, find some exciting things in the stall.

Romantic Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

1. Enjoy the Pah Tempe Thermal Springs

Things to do in Hurricane Utah

Take the Pah Tempe Hot Springs Tour to get a good look at the hot springs used by Native Americans long before white settlers arrived.

Marvel at this working and healing place located inside Pah Tempe. The springs inside flow with 107-degree water, and about one hundred and ten thousand grams of salt are added to the Virgin River every year.

The tower is structured in such a way that five large pools with a concrete wall connect to an unprecedented height.

It is also a cave with hot springs where the water flows out, and the technique by which the water flows makes Pah Tempe Hot Springs a mystical area.

In addition, the center is a top tourist attraction because it is rich in history and unique exhibits, making it an excellent addition to your itinerary of “things to do in Hurricane, Utah”.

2. Enjoy the View From Zion National Park

Zion National Park is perhaps one of the oldest constructions available in Hurricane, Utah, as well as a famous entertainment center for all ages.

All visitors are encouraged to follow the paths of the original fathers and the places where the pioneers passed and look at the bright blue sky, pink, and even the massive sandstone cliffs of cream.

Explore Zion National Park and experience a red rock wonderland that feels like heaven on Earth, made of snow, wind, and water.

Mormon pioneers were the predominant guests from the 1860s and enjoyed the beauty of the smooth land of Zion Canyon and its surroundings.

Packed with hidden gems and unusual adventures, the facility is the perfect game for explorers during the busy summer season.

3. Dazzle Yourself at The Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site

There is a chance to witness the historical traces of dinosaurs at the Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site, which contains actual tracks of a long-lost creature.

As noted by an archaeologist who investigated the site, you can see three different types of dinosaur tracks arranged in rock formations and about four hundred fossilized tracks.

Along the trails of the Warner Valley, Dinosaur Track Site are dirt-filled hills and blazing red mountains, making the center one of the amazing fun things to do in Hurricane, Utah.

The facility is open not only to geologists or archaeologists but to everyone, including young and old, who want to have a great time.

In addition, you can enjoy a fun stroll and educational experience, as this area allows students and researchers to study the existence of dinosaurs extensively.

Cheap Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

1. Enjoy an Evening at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Several series of formations, erosion by catastrophic damage, created the pink-colored Navajo sandstone that looks impressive.

It’s a pure wonder of the world, from damage to something that has turned into a top public tourist attraction in the entire city of Hurricane, Utah.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is currently one of the natural structures available in Hurricane, Utah, as well as a well-known entertainment center for all ages.

Shredded ATVs are mostly known for Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, which they own year-round; the whole area has a picturesque view of both pink and warm sand.

In addition, the center has been a historical place where weekend warriors can adventure on the vast off-road course or leave footprints in the soft sand.

2. Spend Some Time Studying Ivins Petroglyphs

Ivins Petroglyphs is a family-friendly entertainment center that’s easy to hike for all ages and has culture that winds its way up the road that leads to the old Anasazi Farmstead.

Some citizens also know the center as Anazani Ridge, with well-preserved petroglyphs located on the Land Hill Petroglyph property near the Santa Clara Reservation.

It harbors a great taste of the Anasazi culture, which is often embedded in a dark desert lacquer set firmly on top of a cliff.

The Ivins Petroglyphs contain a wide variety of human and animal depictions, and other regular symbols, including the local Paiute, a reasonably common spiral, which also translates as a flood.

In addition, many people return to this site for its petroglyphs and natural scenic setting.

3. Explore the Snow Canyon Lava Caves

Just a thirty-eight-minute drive from Hurricane, you’ll reach the Snow Canyon Lava Caves, one of the unique sights to see in Utah.

The site is home to many historical artifacts and natural structures that can make visitors, family, and friends see amazing things.

You can see and get to know how lava tubes were formed by molten lava from ancient times and also observe the geological layout of the cave.

Snow Canyon Lava Caves offers visitors the opportunity to spend adventurous time on nearby trails and rent a room for lodging.

Visiting the Snow Canyon Lava Caves is one of the things to do in Hurricane, Utah on an extended vacation because the wonders of the historic sites cannot be seen in a day.

Free Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

1. Brace Yourself for Adventure at The Zion Canyoneering

Canyoneering at Zion is one of the best adventures to embark on whenever you make your way to Hurricane Utah due to the environment it inhabits and the amazing experiences it offers.

You have the opportunity to venture into small canyons when you enter the Zion Canyoneering Wonderland, and you can win an even deeper prize on your quest.

Zion National Park is one of the most significant concentrations of structural canyoneering routes, with about 19 proper routes.

They offer fun trips that range from half-day to overnight trips and have short abseils over 300 feet for couples and families.

Plus, you can enjoy the cool temperature of Zion Canyoning using their higher elevation complex; it is also easy to grab your equipment and experience your slot canyons.

2. Get Nature-Blown at The Antelope Island

Sure to blow you away, this Island is the biggest island in the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the West coast Hemisphere of Utah.

The lake’s salt content is so high that you can float in the water! You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards from natives on the island.

If you are tired of the water, you can also go hiking, biking, and wildlife watching.

Did you know that Antelope Island has some of the best birding in the country?

The Buffalo Point Trail is an easy hike that brings you to the top of a hill with great views and fun rock climbing.

If you’re looking for a longer, more strenuous trail, the Flurry Peak Trail sees you through to the top of the island’s tallest mountain for breathtaking views.

One of the unique aspects of Antelope Island (besides the crazy salt water) is where you can see herds of bison and antelope roaming freely.

Remember, don’t approach the bison.

You can also learn more about the wild nature on the island in the visitor center.

Be aware that Antelope Island can get crazy during the warmer months. This is like you won’t have fun because of all the bugs flying around.

However, you can call the visitor center to find out the current conditions.

3. Take in a Dose of Fresh Air at Stansbury Island

One of Utah’s most unique hidden gems and one of the favorite tourist places to visit in Utah is Stansbury Island.

Stansbury Island is a secluded island in the Great Salt Lake that tourists do not often visit.

The best thing about Stansbury Island is seeing the Morton Salt Fields along the way and the beautiful pink waters along the coast.

The pink water comes from the salt-tolerant bacteria and algae that live in the highly saline Great Salt Lake.

We recommend visiting Stansbury Island in the spring or fall for the ideal chance of seeing the pink water.

Follow Stansbury Island Road to the island’s northern tip for the best views of the pink waters. Please note that some areas of the island are private property but are clearly marked.

You can even spot people shooting at the base of tiny Stansbury Peak. Experiencing the salt flats and pink waters of the Great Salt Lake from Stansbury Island is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Cool Places to Visit in Hurricane Utah

1. Make a Weekend of The Poppy Fields of Mantua

Things to Do in Hurricane Utah

Mantua Poppy Fields is a beautiful area in a small town called Mantua (pronounced man gone), about an hour north of Salt Lake City. It’s a great stop on your way to Logan, a day trip from Salt Lake.

You can make a weekend of the poppy fields by setting camp at the nearby Box Elder Campground.

The best time to see Mantua poppies in bloom is usually late May – early June. Around dusk, you may find plenty of photographers visiting, but the poppy field may be a little less crowded earlier in the day.

While there, visit Mantua Dam for fishing and other water activities.

Utah is also home to another exquisite poppy field in Alpine.

2. Ski at the Utah Snow Resort

When most tourists and natives think of ski resorts in Utah, they immediately think about Park City.

However, a resort called Snowbasin is only a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake City in the beautiful Ogden Valley, which offers excellent skiing and summer activities, such as scenic gondola rides, hiking, mountain biking, miniature golf, and yoga.

Tourists have voted that their favorite thing to do at Snowbasin Resort is the summer rides in the Needles Gondola up the mountain with endless mountain and valley views.

Once at the top, you can hike their varied trails, including three pedestrian-only paths leading to the ridge’s crest for breathtaking views of the valley below.

Keep your eyes open for mountain goats, elk, and other wildlife!

You can pick up chewable and snacks from Needles Lodge at the summit or pack your picnic for a great view at lunch overlooking the valley.

Snowbasin’s Summer Trail map shows a great picnic spot on the blue Needles Trail Trail above Moonshine Trees. This stunning area is marked with a picnic table icon.

Also, watch their website for full-moon summer cable car rides! It’s a must-experience event. First, ride the Needles Gondola at dusk for a sunset view, then admire the moon with the binoculars you’re given.

Amy and her husband often did this when they were dating and couldn’t ask for a better night.

3. Albion Washbasins

One of Utah’s most popular summer activities is hiking and walking in this cool place. Albion Basin sits at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, a little close to Salt Lake City above the Alta and Snowbird ski areas at 9,500 feet.

A drive through Little Cottonwood alone is something you have to do, but then add Albion Basin, and your day is perfect.

Albion Basin transforms into a spectacular wildflower viewing area every July and August for hiking, biking, and camping.

You can find an easy hiking trail for all skill levels with beautiful wildflowers on the Albion Meadows Trail.

Another excellent trail option, rated as moderate, is the Secret Lake Trail, with wildflower views and a gorgeous alpine lake.

5. Red Fleet State Park

Right in the heart of Utah’s Dinosaurland is the beautiful Red Fleet State Park. Red Fleet features a picturesque reservoir where the red rocks meet the water and many impressive dinosaur tracks to see!

The water is perfect for swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, relaxing on the rocks, and soaking up some vitamin D!

Red Fleet dinosaur footprints, believed to be over 200 million years old, are preserved in the Navajo sandstone surrounding the lake.

According to paleontologists, the dinosaur had three toes and walked on two legs, with footprints that ranged from 3 inches to 17 inches.

Isn’t it crazy to think that dinosaurs roam the same area you’re hiking and camping in right now? Footprints can be seen from the lake.

Red Fleet is a 3-hour drive from Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah.

You can either camp at the Red Fleet Campground or use plenty of Airbnb and hotels in Vernal, only about 20 minutes away.

6. Dinosaur National Monument

When you’re in Utah, you have to do something dinosaur-related.

Dinosaur National Monument is an excellent dinosaur fossil bone quarry located in the heart of Dinosaurland, Utah.

Learn more about the area’s history and dinosaurs at the Quarry Visitor Center. Afterward, head to the world-famous Quarry Exhibition Hall.

Here, over 1,500 of his dinosaur fossils are on display in a comfortable, refurbished clifftop space. It is an amazing place where dinosaur bones remain in the rocks and have not yet been excavated.

Dinosaur National Monument also offers hiking, petroglyphs, rafting, and mountain biking.

In addition to camping in the park, you can also stay overnight in Vernal, which is lined with many hotels and Airbnb, about 20 minutes from the garden.


From Dinosaur fossil centers to antique shopping malls and great restaurants, no class of fun is absent in the Hurricane Utah jurisdiction.

When you finally decide on which of the fun things to do in Hurricane, Utah, ensure you get your camera ready to capture all the breathtaking fun moments.

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