27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Lexington (SC)

Before you go on that vacation to Lexington, check out all the fantastic things you can do in Lexington (SC).

They say, “if you go to Rome, act like a Roman” the same should be true for Lexington, South Carolina, when you visit.

People in this region are fully active in recreational activities with huge encouragement from the city management.

It is the largest city in the county, is located west of the South Carolina capital of Columbia, and sits on the shores of Lake Murray Shores.

While visiting Lexington, be sure to explore Lexington SC attractions such as Riverbanks Zoo, Gibson Pond Park, Garden Peachtree, Rock Heritage Preserve, JC Lexington Bowl, Lake Murray, and other fun places in Lexington.

Don’t miss a thing as we explore the very best things to do in Lexington (SC):

Fun Things to Do in Lexington (SC)

1. Have Fun at Lake Murray

Lake Murray is just the place. If you like water adventures – from canoeing to kayaking and paddle boarding, from wakeboarding to jet skiing, fishing, boating, and water skiing, you’d love Lake Murray.

The region offers plenty of fun for thrill-seekers as its marketing pitch describes the region as a world-class “Playcation” that is the “Jewel of South Carolina.”

It promotes the location as “Lake Murray country” and touts its paradise as “full of world-class fishing, boating, golf, barbecues, breweries with lots of fun for the whole family.”

With more than 650 miles of Lake Murray shoreline and more than 90 miles along its rivers, this location certainly ranks as the best location for outdoor recreation near Columbia.

With 50,000 lake acres and 500 miles of shoreline, you’re bound to have a lot of fun at Lake Murray.

The lake was later named after Murray, the group’s chief project engineer.

2. Watch a Game at the Lexington County Baseball Stadium

Even with 3,000 spectators, baseball fans describe games at the stadium along Ballpark Road in Wildcat Hollow as an “intimate ballpark experience,” the “entertainment center of the Midlands.”

You’ll witness its Wrigley Field-style seating, air-conditioned hospitality club, outfield lawn seating, etc.

All of these are at the Lexington County Baseball Stadium.

3. Visit the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens

Just 15 minutes from Lexington, you’ll enter a whole new world of fauna through the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.

The Zoological and Botanical Gardens are spread over 170 acres of land, with more than 2,000 animals and a beautiful and lush garden that is a delight for nature lovers.

While smaller children squeal in awe at all its facilities, such as playrooms, splash zones, and rabbit holes to crawl through, older ones will appreciate the life-size T-Rex replica and the giant treehouses, plus a 25-meter waterfall.

Things to Do in Lexington (SC) at Night

1. Have a Beer at Krafty Draft Brew Pub

At Krafty Draft Brew Pub, you’ll be amazed by their array of beer collections; whether it’s dessert beers, robust stouts, aged ales, or those rich dark porters, there’s always one to suit you.

The beers at this pub are brewed in-house and boast a selection of over 104 craft beers, and beer lovers will certainly appreciate its cozy and casual atmosphere.

2. Chill at TR’s Bar and Grill

TR’s Bar and Grill is a family restaurant that transforms into a concert bar during its happy hours, so come and join the fun!

Great music and good food at its best, with a Sunday buffet menu to delight customers who go for casual dining, live entertainment, and buckets of Bud to entertain the fun-loving diners.

3. Visit the Dam House

The Dam House owners and crew boast that it’s home to their “DAM Good Beer,” overflowing with draft ales, lagers, craft beers, and a wide selection of beers and wines.

Its friendly regulars recommend this place to its experienced bartenders, who will surprise you with their amazing concoctions every time you visit.

If you’d like to get some fresh air and enjoy the view of Lake Murray, or play corn hole and disc golf while taking your beer outside, just have a good time at the DAM.

Things to Do in Lexington (SC) For Couples

1. Visit Grady’s Pool & Billiard Hall

Pool lovers and those looking to have a good time can look forward to their best at Grady’s Pool & Billiard Hall, located along South Lake Drive in Lexington.

Visitors to the pool room rave about the place to have the most fun with friends or make new ones in “a company that is made for full capacity entertainment, a great selection of good drinks combined with good times.”

2. Go Shopping at Four Oaks Farm Country Store

The same family has operated four Oaks Farm Country Store locations for more than four generations.

It is one of several famous pig farms in the United States.

Four Oaks Farm Country Store attracts buyers from all over the country once a year for her annual auction sale of registered Berkshires.

It also sells souvenirs and holiday gifts for friends, family, and business associates.

3. Play Golf at LJ’s Par and Grill

What more could one ask for while playing golf than to get fired up at LJ’s Par and Grill Restaurant Bar; great food, live music, and lots of fun.

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid gamer or an amateur; ideal training facilities are available for every player’s skill level.

Practicing golf here is fun, all thanks to their driving range. They have a large tee that is either covered or uncovered, and its popular feature is the automatic tees.

Golfers don’t have to bend over and put the tee on the ground; instead, the ball is set up automatically for you, and positioning takes just seconds before you’re ready to swing.

The automatic tee is great because it saves everyone the stress of bending and laying it.

It’s the perfect place to practice golf, and there’s also delicious food for everyone. There are a variety of dishes to choose from, and they should be seen during your visit to Lexington.

Things to Do in Lexington (SC) For Kids

1. Let Them Play at Virginia Hylton Park

You’d love to sit back and listen to the birds chirping and watch the swaying trees in Virginia Hylton Park.

Named after former Lexington City Councilwoman Virginia Hylton, the Hylton park is described by visitors as a relaxing park with trees, a playground, covered gazebos, and picnic tables, a great place for families, friends, and children to gather.

Hylton spearheaded the initiative to create what he calls an “outdoor entertainment oasis for the whole family, located in the heart of downtown Lexington.

There is a Koi Pond, Butterfly Garden, Iris, Camellia and Day Lily Gardens, and Twelve Mile Creek overlooking a refreshing man-made waterfall – sights to enjoy if you want to spend a cool afternoon and a stress-free time.

2. Go on a Cruise With Pontoon Rentals and Tours

Pontoon Rentals and Tours operates on Lake Murray in Lexington, South Carolina.

At Pontoon Rentals, you will need a ride with someone experienced, as that is what you will get. The company has stayed on the lake for over 30 years and knows every spot to make your day.

The company focuses on offering quality boating services and Lake Murray tours.

The boats you will find here are fully operational, with all necessary safety equipment, a cooler, anchor, rope, map, and ladder.

Enjoy great fun with friends on an exclusive riverside boat cruise, swimming, sunbathing, and island hopping in Lake Murray, often known as the “Jewel of South Carolina.”

During the evenings, boaters always gather near the island to view the many Purple Martins resting on the island.

3. Let Them Participate in the Game Show Challenge

The Game Show Challenge is a 60-minute game that is interactive and hosted by the show’s host. If you’ve ever wanted to be at a game show, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The game is really fun as the teams go against each other and brag about who will become the champion of the game.

Visitors can join in spinning the seven-foot wheel while solving word puzzles, finding answers to survey questions, competing in fun relay races, dropping a token 30 feet to find out where it touches the ground, and much more.

Game Show Challenge is the perfect sport for friends, work colleagues, families, or visitors who want to experience an exciting evening.

Indoor Activities to Do in Lexington (SC) For Adults

1. Don’t Miss a Thing at the Ice House Amphitheater

In recent years, the state-of-the-art infrastructure has received superlatives from its patrons, thanks to which the small town comes alive with live music events all year round.

Its numerous performances range from traditional music acts to motorcycle mini-reunions.

The Ice House amphitheater has a seating capacity of 900 but can fly up to thousands as audience members can bring their own extra lawn chairs or sit upstairs overlooking the show.

The live music venue also hosts various festivals for families and children and other special events, such as the annual Lexington Barbecue Festival and Fair, among others.

The concert venue was created to bring together other areas of downtown Lexington, with the nearby Palmetto Collegiate Institute, Lexington Municipal Complex, Virgin Hylton Park, and Lexington Square Park.

The amphitheater is located on the property where an icehouse originally opened in 1928, hence its name “Icehouse.”

2. Go Bowling at the JC Lexington Bowl

JC Lexington Bowl has been family owned and operated.

All the efforts of its owners have made it an ideal place to meet loved ones.

The company started small but has grown through exceptional service and a loyal customer base.

Spend precious time with friends or family while bowling in their modern facility.

Church groups, excursions, nurseries, charity events, family gatherings, and more are welcome here.

3. Flex Your Muscles at Hot Shots Archery Games

The Archery Tag is played as a dodgeball with foam-tipped bows and arrows.

This fun game is suitable for the whole family and will engage everyone.

Come and taste your childhood. Archery is a sporting activity that cannot be outgrown and involves two teams of 5 players from each side playing against each other, separated by a ‘safe zone.

Safety is essential for many sports activities, but in Archery Tag, a face mask is the only safety equipment needed.

There is little or no pain when players are tagged with an Archery Tag Arrow.

Romantic Things to Do in Lexington (SC)

1. Go on a Winetasting Tour at Mercer House Estate Winery

For all you wine lovers out there, you would be thrilled to explore Mercer House Winery.

As one of only ten all-natural and organic wineries in the United States, this 12-acre property boasts its unique blend of native grapes in five different vineyards.

This vineyard grows over 50 varieties of grapes, strawberries, pecans, cherries, apples, nectarines, kiwis, figs, pears, blueberries, and peaches. Its caretakers grow all of these fruit products that are used to make wine.

“Everything is organic, natural, sustainable, and ecological,” explains the winery staff.

Whether your taste buds reach for Jalapeno Wine Jelly, Bloody Mary Wine, or Fruit Spiced Coffee Wine, you’ll be amazed at the traditional Native American winemaking techniques used to make wine.

2. Cool off at Gibson Pond Park

Gibson Pond Park is spread over 15 acres of forest and features a loop trail, bathrooms, picnic tables, and more.

Gibson Pond Park is a great place to take a break from the busy city and just enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

If you feel like walking, there are several picnic tables and small paths running through the forest.

Gibson Pond Park also provides everything you need for a successful event or conference.

3. Appreciate Nature at Corley Street Park

There is never enough nature, or so the saying goes.

This park is a great place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Visiting Corley Park in the summer is an excellent opportunity to experience the hot and sultry climate of the South.

Corley Street Park has been around since the 1970s, making it the oldest park in Lexington.

With its wide open spaces, Corley Street Park is perfect for picnics and enjoying nature; this park is a haven for hikers looking for adventure and relaxation among the old trees.

Free Things to Do in Lexington (SC)

1. Go Jogging at Dreher Shoals Dam

Those who prefer walking, jogging, and skateboarding flock to Dreher Shoals Dam, a historic dam completed in 1930 along with Lake Murray.

Daily jogging and skateboarding on a 1.7-mile stretch with approximately 5.4 kilometers round trip would be great for keeping fit for both sports and health enthusiasts.

And while on your health routine, be mesmerized by fantastic views of beautiful Lake Murray and the downtown Columbia skyline.

Originally called the Saluda River Dam and later referred to as the Lake Murray Dam, its original purpose was flood control, hydroelectricity, and water supply.

Meanwhile, in 2005, a 213-foot cylindrical compacted concrete dam was completed as additional infrastructure at the base of the original dam to reduce the severity of the dam’s earthquake failure.

Dreher Shoals Dam provides the inspiration for the annual Lexington High School Football League series, aptly named “Battle of the Dam” between Lexington High School and Irmo High School – the two schools being connected by a South Carolina highway crossing the dam.

2. Window Shop at the Icehouse

There are many food and fruit shops available at the Icehouse market. Here, shops to see flourish with locally grown agricultural products and handmade crafts.

The market is located at 107 Main Street. The area is always full of energy as the atmosphere is friendly to people while encouraging people to support the purchase of products made by local artists.

To promote home crafts, the Lexington Police Department started a program called “Coffee with a Cop” in partnership with The Haven Coffee House, located along Main Street in downtown Lexington.

The program adopted by the officers is a novel idea to share freshly brewed coffee with passers-by while having a tent set up at the Haven Coffee and Icehouse pavilion.

3. Visit Craft Ax Throwing

Craft Ax throwing is an ideal game that anyone can play and win. You can score points and win by throwing axes at a giant dartboard-like target.

To get more points during the game, you need to be close to the target. The company organizes competitive and regular ax-throwing events for various groups, whether corporate, league, or social.

Our organized events are properly staffed by well-trained instructors who help players hit the target. You should plan your company’s next corporate or social outing at Craft Ax Throwing, Lexington, SC.

Ax throwing is a rapidly growing sport in the United States, with many people taking up the sport every day.

Cheap Things to Do in Lexington (SC)

1. Take a Trip to Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

A precariously balanced inverted pyramid about twenty feet tall is a huge rock in the middle of a nature reserve called “Peachtree Rock.”

Peachtree, unlike other preserves with well-maintained hiking trails and man-made lakes and mangroves, is left undisturbed and still in its natural state.

Ancient marine fossils, sandstone layers, towering longleaf pines, and the only natural feature on the South Carolina Coastal Plain

2. Go on a Tour at the Lexington County Museum

Take a step back in time through the 18th century to the Civil War with a nostalgic tour of Lexington’s historic buildings and architecture.

That’s what we find at the Lexington County Museum, located in the Lexington Historic District, in a row of 36 historic buildings on seven acres of land.

Rather, the museum is a small village of historic architecture that takes us through the history of Lexington’s German and Swiss heritage during the Colonial and Antebellum periods.

Built over 100 years ago, John Fox House is a two-story, ten-room house that was originally a plantation house with locally made artifacts such as furniture, pottery, and quilts.

The museum welcomes everyone to its membership and is also open to volunteer opportunities.

3. Try Out Lexington’s restaurants

Food, great food: there’s plenty of delicious cuisine in Lexington’s wide variety of restaurants.

And you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

Alodia’s Cucina Italiana is authentic Italian cuisine, a great blend of Italian fare and Southern hospitality, with delicious dishes such as portabella pork ribeye, pan-seared shrimp, and mignon paired with wine or cocktails.

And there’s Root Cellar, top-notch hearty dishes like their fried buttermilk chicken with white sauce and yellow grits, with crunch in every bite, fried to golden brown perfection.

They even have specialties for diets: gluten-free dishes for vegetarians are also prepared.

Yet there’s Private Property, which is all about Cajun cooking and country cuisine, known for its seafood jambalaya, shrimp, and grits, showing the owners’ love of New Orleans and Lexington through its simple menu of comfort foods and exciting Southern fusion.

Cool Places to Visit in Lexington (SC)

1. Aquafun Paddle and Boat Charters

Aquafun Paddle and Boat Charters handles tours, paddleboard, and kayak rentals. They offer guided tours, individual rentals, and group events. Boat rentals can be booked with their licensed US Coast Guard, Captain Tyler.

The tour is the perfect way to experience the great excitement of the park. The company is a family business focused on providing entertainment to its customers through tours.

All the facilities are maintained to give the visitors a great adventure ride in fishing, paddling, and many more.

Part of his job is to make visitors’ water adventures stress-free without loading up the boat, kayaks, and SUPs.

Regardless of your paddling skill level, the company has everything from beginner SUP paddlers to advanced kayakers and tandem boats.

2. Wingard’s Market

Wingard’s has great significance in the Lexington-Columbia community.

Wingard’s Market is one of the top-rated home garden centers. By providing floristic services and many others, they contribute greatly to the aesthetic qualities of the community.

Wingard’s offers a wide range of services, including donating flora and supporting events for several organizations such as Carolina wildlife care, Lexington Public Schools, Lexington County Choral Society, etc.

This great business was born out of Margie and Judson Wingard’s passion for plants and their enthusiasm to attract others to this great love.

After 50 years, the company has grown to offer several gardening and floristry products and services.

If you are a gardener or gardener, this is the perfect place to visit if you are planning to vacation in Lexington, and it should be on your checklist of things to do in Lexington (SC).

3. Dreher Shoals Dam

If you’re not so interested in lake activities but still want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Murray, take a walk around Dreher Shoals Dam.

There is a safe walking path, and you will have a good view of one of the best spots in Lexington.

Take a walk at sunrise or sunset if you really want to see some beauty. Your walk or run is about 2 miles round trip.

You can also combine your Lake Murray trip with a Dreher Shoals Dam walk if you’re feeling really ambitious.


If you’re looking to enjoy the perfect getaway with friends and colleagues, then Lexington is the place to go this weekend and enjoy nature to its fullest.

Make sure you travel with our guide to things to do in Lexington (SC), so you don’t miss out on anything.

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